Assam Dejoo | 阿萨姆Dejoo茶

The Dejoo Estate is among the top ten estates in the Assam growing region. This tea is full of golden tips and produces a rich red liquor. It is also full-bodied and malty like any classic Assam black tea, but lends a unique, creamy texture. The liquor is very smooth and sweet on its own, but also works well with milk.

Dejoo庄园是阿萨姆邦地区十大庄园之一。 这茶充满了金色的提示,生产出浓郁的红酒。 它也是像任何经典的阿萨姆邦红茶一样饱满和恶劣,但提供独特的奶油质地。 酒本身非常流畅,甜美,也适用于牛奶。

Australian Daintree | 澳大利亚Daintree

Australian Daintree is grown in Cubbagudta, situated in the heart of the Daintree wilderness and rainforest area of North Queensland. It has a medium strength and is a delicate tea of fine quality, with little or no astringency in the flavour. Good to drink with milk.

澳大利亚Daintree生长在Cubbagudta,位于北昆士兰州的Daintree荒野和热带雨林地区的中心。 它具有中等强度,是优质的精致茶,味道很少或没有涩味。 好喝,用牛奶。

Darjeeling Runglee Rungliot | 大吉岭 Runglee Rungliot

A classic Darjeeling picked in autumn. This estate is one of the few tea estates off to the east of Darjeeling town. The tea is medium-bodied and comes from black-brown leaves with silver tips. Its liquor is bright and scented with a delightful aroma of stewed stone fruits.

一个经典的大吉岭在秋季选择。 这个庄园是大吉岭镇以东的少数茶园之一。 茶是中等身材的,来自黑褐色的叶子,有银色的提示。 它的酒是明亮和香味,令人愉快的炖石头水果的香气。

Golden Bud | Dianhong Cha | 滇紅茶

A unique and beautiful tea grown on the high mountain area on the sides of the Lancang Jiang river. It is highly prized and recognised all over the world. Glistening golden tea buds and leaves deliver a bright coppery liquor with a sweet, rich aftertaste.

澜沧江江两岸高山生长的独特而美丽的茶。 它在世界各地非常珍贵和认可。 闪闪发光的金色茶芽和叶子提供了一种明亮的铜质酒,具有甜美,丰富的余味。

Golden Kenya Milima | 金肯尼亚Milima

One of Africa’s most elegant teas, grown at 6,000 above sea level. It has golden tips reminiscent of fine Assams, and is light/medium in body with a mellow brew. It’s liquor is light but coppery. Unlike most teas in Africa, Milima is produced using the orthodox method. Works well with milk.

非洲最优雅的茶之一,海拔6000海拔。 它有金色的提示让人联想到精美的阿萨姆斯,并且身材轻盈,中等身材,酿造醇厚。 酒是轻的,但是是铜。 不像大多数茶在非洲,Milima是使用正统的方法生产。 适用于牛奶。

Golden Beautiful Eyebrow | Jin Jun Mei | 金骏眉

A lapsang souchong tea from Tongmu Village, Wuyi Mountain. First produced by Tea Master Yuan Xun Jiang, it is made from two small shoots plucked in early spring. These fully-oxidised shoots give the tea a sweet flavour and long-lasting aftertaste. Its taste is sweet and smooth.

武夷山通木村的一个lapsang souchong茶。 首先由茶师袁勋生产,是由早春拔出的两只小枝组成的。 这些充分氧化的嫩芽使茶具有甜味和持久的余味。 它的味道是甜美和光滑的。


Located in the foothills of Kangra Valley about 1500 metres above sea level lies Kangra District. The region has extremely even rainfall, and due to naturally favourable conditions, is almost completely free of insects and pests. Kangra tea is often organically grown.

位于Kangra山谷山脚下的海拔1500米的Kangra区。 该地区降水极为平静,由于天然条件好,几乎完全没有昆虫和害虫。 Kangra茶经常有机生长。

Qimen | Keemun | 祁门红茶

Renowned for its aromatic fragrance, mellow flavour, and beautiful aesthetic, Keemun produces a brilliant red liquor. Considered a delicacy in the British market. It comes in different grades but all give a rich coppery brew with a sweet oral aroma. Satisfyingly rich, with mineral flinty sparks and a smoky aroma.

以其芳香的香味,醇厚的味道和美丽的美学闻名,祁门红茶生产出辉煌的红酒。 被认为是英国市场的美味。 它有不同的成绩,但都能给人以浓浓的铜质酿造,口感甜美。 满意的丰富,矿物质的火花和烟熏的香气。

Lapsang Souchong / Lishan Xiao Zhong | 立山小种 / 正山小种

A member of the Bohea family, this tea has a high reputation all over the world. The leaves are smoke dried over pine wood fires. The flavour of the pine smoke is intended to compliment the natural taste of the black tea, creating the perfect balance between smoke and tea. Very popular in Russia, used in Russian Caravan.

这是一个Bohea家族的成员,这种茶在世界各地都享有很高的声誉。 叶子在松木火灾下被烟雾干燥。 松烟的味道旨在补充红茶的天然味道,创造出烟与茶之间的完美平衡。 在俄罗斯很受欢迎,用于俄罗斯大篷车。


This can be an incredibly expensive tea, with one Nilgiri being priced at over $600 USD per kilo.

这可能是一个非常昂贵的茶,一个Nilgiri的价格是每公斤超过$ 600美元。

Shangri-La Gold | 香格里拉黄金

This tea has a beautifully twisted golden leaf that produces an amber cup with a brisk raw sugar aroma. The flavour is both smooth and sweet with a pleasant note of malt.It has a honey, chocolatey aftertaste. Clean and full-bodied.

这种茶具有美丽扭曲的金色叶子,产生琥珀色的杯子,具有轻盈的原糖香气。 味道既光滑又甜美,味道愉快,麦芽甜蜜,有巧克力的回味。 清洁和浓郁。

Golden Monkey | Jin Hou Cha| 金猴茶

A legendary Chinese tea that is one of the finest teas of Fujian Province. It has a bright red and clean liquor and is a smooth tippy tea, low in tannin but rich in flavour. Highly sought after by the English and Dutch during the late Qing Dynasty. It features golden tipped black leaves with a bud.

一种传说中华茶是福建省最好的茶之一。 它有一个明亮的红色和干净的酒,是一种光滑的薄荷茶,单宁含量低但味道浓郁。 在晚期由英国和荷兰人高度追捧。 它具有金色的黑色叶子与芽。

Kenilworth | 凯尼尔沃思

While teas of the Kandy Region are lesser-known in Sri Lanka, they tend to be of exceptional quality. This tea has a bold leaf style and is grown at a medium elevation. Popular in breakfast blends, this tea has a beautiful smoothness and a deep chocolatey profile. It works very well with milk.

虽然康提地区的茶叶在斯里兰卡不太了解,但他们往往质量非常好。 这种茶具有大胆的叶子风格,并在中等高度生长。 这种茶在早餐混合中受欢迎,具有美丽的光滑度和深刻的巧克力色调。 它与牛奶非常好。