Monthly Specialty Teas

Here we offer a unique and beautiful selection of specialty teas. This stock is subject to regular monthly changes to keep our range fresh and diverse. All teas listed here are available for purchase with prices corresponding to the price list. To order these teas, please email with your name, postage address, selected teas, and the quantity of each tea you would like. A summary of each individual tea for sale may be viewed below, and our total inventory and price list may be perused at the very bottom of this page, just above the contact form.

Inventory & Price List

In this month of September, we are offering to you a beautiful selection of green teas from South Korea and oolong teas from Taiwan.

Tea Name Type Origin Cost (p/250g)
Woojeon Green South Korea $27.60
Sejak Green South Korea $27.60
Joongjak Green South Korea $27.60
Daejak Green South Korea $27.60
Jeoncha Green South Korea $27.60
Formosa Oriental Beauty Oolong Taiwan $45.55
Milk Oolong Oolong Taiwan $32.00
Tung Ting Oolong Taiwan $38.40
Wen Shan Pouchong Oolong Taiwan $30.30
Jade Oolong Oolong Taiwan $32.87

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