Big Red Robe | Da Hong Pao | 大红袍

A beautiful and amazing oolong tea from the Wuyi Rock area in Fujian, China. It also has a rich history, and may only be plucked from a few select tea bushes which are thought to have lived for hundreds of years. Da Hong Pao is named for the red robe that adorned it after it was thought to have saved a sick emperor.

来自中国福建武夷岩的美丽而惊人的乌龙茶。 它也有丰富的历史,只能从被认为已经生活了几百年的几个选定的茶丛中拔出来。 大红袍被命名为红袍,后来被认为拯救了一个生病的皇帝。

Oriental Beauty | Dongfang Meiren | 東方美人

One of the most famous oolongs in the world. It is a high-mountain, heavily fermented tea from Taiwan prized for its rich flavours and history. It is sometimes known as White Tip Oolong or Champaign Oolong. It’s flavour depends heavily on careful and extensive processing.

世界上最着名的乌龙之一。 这是一种台湾高山,大发酵的茶叶,丰富的口味和历史。 它有时被称为白眉乌龙或香槟乌龙。 它的味道在很大程度上取决于仔细和广泛的处理。

Milk Oolong | Nai Xiang | 奶香

An extremely popular and unique variety of oolong tea. It is a new kind of tea and was first developed in 1980. In a good Nai Xiang the milky aroma and flavour will be a natural part of the tea, but sometimes it is steamed with milk in order to enhance this.

乌龙茶的积极流行和独特品种。 它是一种新型的茶叶,于1980年首次开发。在一个好的奶香中,乳白色的香气和口味将成为茶的天然部分,但有时它是用牛奶蒸的,以增强这一点。

Cassia | Rougui | 肉桂

A rare Wuyi oolong that can provide flavour even up to seven steeps. First created in the midst of the Qing Dynasty, this tea has two similar processing methods, one which produces the richer aromas of old and another which caters towards more modern consumers, who are interested in bringing out the fruity aroma.

一种罕见的武夷乌龙,可以提供甚至七个陡峭的风味。 这种茶首先在清代创造,有两种类似的加工方式,一种能够吸引更多现代消费者的老年人和另一种的香气,这些味道有意带出果香的香气。

Golden Marine Turtle | Shui Jin Gui | 水金亀

One of the famed Wuyi Rock teas, this tea can only be made from the leaves of a single tea bush on Wuyi Rock. When steeped, this tea produces a beautiful shade of bright green not seen in other Wuyi oolongs. The dry leaf is a golden black colour, leading to its name, Golden Marine Turtle.

着名的五义岩茶之一,这种茶只能从武夷岩上的单一茶叶的叶子上制成。 浸泡时,这种茶叶在其他武夷乌龙茶中产生了明亮的绿色环境。 干叶是一种金色的黑色,导致它的名字,水金亀。

Iron Goddess of Mercy | Tieguanyin | 铁观音

A premium Chinese oolong. This tea is one of the only known teas that requires its own c. sinensis cultivar, and may be processed using only the proper tieguanyin processing techniques. It was named after Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy.

优质的中国乌龙。 这种茶是唯一需要自己的茶的知名茶。 中华栽培品种,只能使用适当的观赏处理技术加工。 被誉为中国的怜悯女神观音。

Frozen Summit | Tung Ting | 凍頂

Another prized high mountain oolong from Taiwan, this tea is particularly well-liked among coffee enthusiasts. Its name can be translated literally as “Climb to mountain with cold feet”. Oxidisation of this tea can occur in one of either two ways: By machine, or by charcoal. Typically, it is only 30% oxidised.

来自台湾的另一个珍贵的高山乌龙茶,这种茶在咖啡爱好者中特别受欢迎。 它的名字可以翻译成“爬到山脚冷脚”。 这种茶的氧化可以以两种方式之一发生:机器或木炭。 通常,氧化只有30%。

Wenshan Baozhong | Wenshan Pouchong | 文山包種

Grown since the eighteenth century, Wenshan Pouchong is sometimes also known as Wenshan Baozhong, or Man Saan Baau Zung (in Cantonese). It is incredibly light and quite reminiscent of a green tea when steeped and drunk. It has a light pale liquor.

从十八世纪开始,这种茶是非常轻的,令人联想起绿茶,当浸泡和醉酒时。 它有淡淡的白酒。