Silver Needle | Baihao Yinzhen | 白毫银针

One of the most prized forms of white tea, Baihao Yinzhen is made only with the delicate leaf shoots of the Da Bai (Big White) cultivar of c. sinensis. It has a light and delicate taste and a long brew time to bring out the delicate silver needle flavours.

白毫银针是白茶最珍贵的形式之一,只有中华山茶的大白(大白)栽培品种的叶片细嫩。 它具有淡淡细腻的味道和长时间的酿造时间,带出精致的银针口味。

Indonesian Silver Needle | Yindunixiya Baihao Yinzhen | 印度尼西亚白毫银针

A unique form of certified organic silver needle produced only in Indonesia. This tea has been lovingly hand-crafted by years of experience and with advice from numerous tea masters. It is quite unique among other Indonesian teas as well, which are usually processed using CTC, not the orthodox method.

认证有机白毫银针的唯一形式仅在印度尼西亚生产。 这种茶已经被多年的经验和许多茶叶大师的建议精心制作。 这是非常独特的其他印度尼西亚茶,通常使用四氯化碳加工,而不是正统的方法。

White Peony | Bai Mudan | 白牡丹

A stronger tasting white tea which is prized by those who prefer more flavour than Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle) tea. To create the tea, two young leaves are plucked for every leaf shoot contained in the batch. is is what gives it its more mature, robust flavour. Its liquor is pale.

更有品味的白茶,比那些喜欢比白毫银银茶更香味的人所珍惜。 为了创造茶叶,每批叶中所含的每片叶子都会采摘两棵幼叶。 是什么使它更成熟,强大的味道。 它的酒是苍白的。

Longevity Eyebrow | Shoumei | 寿眉

The dry leaf shows a darker colour than comparable white teas, as it is produced from naturally withered leaves and tips. It is o en made from the leaves leftover after Bai Mudan is processed a little later in the year, and uses the Da Bai cultivar. Its strong flavour reminds many people of oolong teas, rather than whites.

干燥的叶子表现出比可比白茶更深的颜色,因为它是由天然枯萎的叶子和尖端产生的。 白牡丹在本年稍后处理后,由叶叶残留而成,并使用大白品种。 其强烈的味道提醒许多人乌龙茶,而不是白人。