High Mountain Yellow Sprout | Huoshan Huangya | 霍山黄芽

An imperial tribute tea that has been made in China since the Ming Dynasty. Like with many yellow teas, the processing method was lost – however it was recovered during 1972. The yellow colour is produced by spreading the tea indoors in three separate rounds. Do not oversteep.

明朝以来在中国制造的皇室致敬茶。 像许多黄茶一样,加工方法丢失了 – 但是在1972年被恢复了。黄色是通过在室内将茶放在三个不同的回合中产生的。 不要越过

Mount Jun Silver Needle | Junshan Yinzhen | 君山银针

Often included as one of the top ten China Famous Teas, this unique adaption of Silver Needle is created using yellow tea processing. It is sometimes known as Golden Needle. It is very expensive and only a few hundred kilos are produced every year. Quality control is very strict.

通常被列为十大中国名茶之一,白毫银针的独特适应是使用黄茶加工而成。 有时被称为“金针”。 这是非常昂贵的,每年只生产几百公斤。 质量控制非常严格。