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The Australian Tea Masters Association provides mastery-level tea training, education, and professional tea certification to individuals who wish to become Certified Tea Masters. The organisation is respected as meeting superior education standards.

During the Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Master Course, students will learn about tea’s complex history, the diverse interactions between tea processing and variations in colour and flavour, and the effect terroir has on the plant. Additionally, the student will receive a thoroughly-researched education on the health benefits of different teas, and will study various tea-growing regions, intriguing cultural practices, and tea and food pairing.

Professionally tasting the tea (known as ‘cupping’) is a staple of the course, and a rich curriculum will be provided to teach the student to differentiate the subtle intricacies of each tea’s liquor. Students will also learn keywords taken straight from the professional tea industry, and will be able to speak confidently about the drink.

At the end of the course, students will be able to speak confidently about tea, as well as serve it with knowledge, passion, and integrity.

Above all, a Certified Tea Master has a deep respect for tea, the plant camellia sinensis, and the drink’s social, spiritual, and cultural significance. This deep understanding and respect for tea will come from study, close attention to each cup consumed, and a life-long commitment to tea.

In completing this course, students will be imbued with the knowledge and confidence to go on to persue a professional career in the tea world, whether it be to open a tea shop or café, become a tea sommelier, work for a tea company, be involved with tea as a hobby, develop a tea menu, or become a Certified Tea Mastery trainer.

The Certified Tea Master Course comprises of three days intensive training, followed by a structured 14-week online training program using Zoom. The course also includes all learning material and specialty teas, as well as all professional tools required.

At the completion of this training, students will be asked to take a final exam composing of 106 true or false answers, and four essay questions. Successful graduates will be honoured with the Certified Tea Master™ qualification and a Certificate of Completion. Once all course work has been completed and the final exam passed, students will receive their Certified Tea Master certificate, and will be qualified to use the exclusive title ‘Certified Tea Master’.

Some of the modules and projects you will complete include:

  • Japanese Tea
  • Korean Tea
  • Chinese Tea
  • Yellow Tea
  • History and Characteristics of Oolong Tea
  • Types and Grades of Black Tea
  • Puerh Types, Manufacture, and Growing Regions
  • History of Chai, Manufacture, and Ingredients
  • Cultivars and Production Methods
  • Cultural Service of Various Teas
  • High Tea
  • Tea and Food Pairing
  • Health Benefits of Tea

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