The name ‘tisane’ helps to distinguish herbal blends from tea blends, the former containing no trace of the plant Camellia sinensis, and the latter containing both Camellia sinensis and herbs. Although the word tisane is still relatively unknown, it is gradually being used by the tea-drinking community. General steeping recommendations do not exist for tisanes, and for this there is good reason. Due to the large varieties of different herbs being used, different tisanes are optimally steeped at all sorts of different times and temperatures and therefore this needs to be tested carefully when making your blends. 

Tisanes have gained a large following recently, as many people who dislike the taste of traditional teas are much more interested in these herbal infusions. Some specific types of herbs have a long history of being steeped in water, tracing back many centuries into the past. Tisanes will generally tolerate boiling water as the temperature for brewing.