Custom Tea Blending

Wholesale Tea for Individuals and Businesses

Our Certified Tea Masters are specially trained in tea blending. We have had many years of experience in creating signature blends for businesses, special events and individuals. A custom-made tea, or tea range, is a very special, unique thing to have, and working with clients to create them is one of our specialties.

We custom blend private label teas for our clients in two ways. 

1) The client can provide their own formulations with exact measurements of each ingredient, and we can replicate it.

2) We can create signature formulations from scratch, based on each client’s requirements.

We supply the tea in bulk bags and can also pack your tea into retail packaging but we do not provide retail packaging or retail labels. 

Custom Tea Blends​

Australian Tea Masters offers custom blending to both individuals and businesses. While we do offer a wide variety of hand-crafted tea and tisane blends for wholesale (for sale in our Tea Shop) we are also quite happy to create custom blends to suit customers. 

These custom blends are lovingly created from within our teahouse by Tea Masters Sharyn Johnston, with special attention to detail and taste.

For more information or to request a custom blend, please email

Pyramid Tea Bagging

We also offer a pyramid bagging service for your new tea with our specialised pyramid tea bagging machine – one of only a few in Australia.

Pyramid bags offer more room for the tea leaves and herbs to move around and unfurl, and also allows for a larger particle size – meaning a much higher-quality result than what can be achieved with regular flat tea bags.

We can also provide blends in loose-leaf form, and customers are free to provide their own packaging.

Private Labeling

Private Label is where we provide our specialty teas and blends for you to sell under your own label. We have a number of blends and specialty teas we can rebrand to your private label.

You can have a look at some of our range here: If you are interested in any teas or blend samples you can order sample packs via our web shop; they cost $8.90 and you will receive approximately 30g per bag.

If you provide us with your business name, ABN and postage address we will forward you through our wholesale list. The final cost of your order will depend on the kilo price of the tea/blend, your packaging requirements and your quantities. Our minimum order of any of our blends or specialty teas is 250g.


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