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Lesson One: Learn about the different types of tea. Analyse the five main categories and get to know your blacks from your greens and your oolongs from your whites.

Lesson Two: Find out where tea comes from. Learn about the tea plant, camellia sinensis, and how the climate and conditions it is grown in can affect the teas’ flavours.

Lesson Three: Learn about the world’s main tea regions. Learn which countries produce what kinds of tea and understand how they differ from other regions.

Lesson Four: Develop a greater awareness about the flavours and aromas of tea. Learn cupping practices and increase your knowledge of how to decipher the different characteristics of various teas and use tasting words to pinpoint each one.

Lesson Five: Learn basic tea terminology and grading of teas.

Lesson Six: Learn to serve tea like a pro. Follow basic tea serving guidelines to ensure you are serving tea to a high standard.

Lesson Seven: Develop an understanding of tea ceremonies and culture. There is a huge element of tradition intertwined into tea drinking, so it is very important to learn about this special, spiritual side of tea.

Lesson Eight: Learn about pairing tea with food.

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Section 1Types of Tea
Lecture 1Types of Tea
Section Quiz
Section 2Where Does Tea Come From?
Lecture 2Where Does Tea Come From?
Section Quiz
Section 3Tea Production Regions
Lecture 3Tea Producing Regions
Section Quiz
Section 4Flavours and Aromas
Lecture 4Flavours and Aromas
Section Quiz
Section 5Basic Terminology and Grading
Lecture 5Basic Terminology and Grading
Section Quiz
Section 6Serve Tea Like a Professional
Lecture 6Serve Tea Like a Professional
Section Quiz
Section 7Ceremonies and Cultures
Lecture 7Ceremonies and Cultures
Section Quiz
Section 8Food and Tea Pairing
Lecture 8Pairing Tea with Food
Section Quiz
Section 9Final Exam
Lecture 9
Section Quiz
Section 10Secret