InstructorSarah Mutch
TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 17, 2020 - Feb 19, 2021
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Notice: A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place in the course. To only pay the deposit initially, please enter the coupon code TEABLENDAUS-DEPOSIT when purchasing the course. The remaining amount must be paid prior to the beginning of training. (When entering the code, please be patient for the website to correctly recognise it. This may take 5-10 seconds.) Total fees must be paid within 14 days of the course commencing. Australian Tea Masters reserves the right to cancel the course before the commencement date, with a alternative date to be selected and offered, alternatively full fees refunded back to the student.

International Attendees: We are pleased to announce that all International Attendees who attend this course, upon presentation of of passport and flight / accommodation details we offer a reduction of $250 AUD per course.


The Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Blending Course will focus on the secrets and mysteries of tea blending, along with the professional techniques required for developing both traditional blends and signature formulas. Sharyn Johnston, world renowned tea Industry leader and blending professional will teach this course. Sharyn Johnston has also worked with an impressive portfolio of international companies as a leading tea consultant to develop their own unique range of tea and wellness blends. Australian Tea Masters has own export, food grade, tea blending and packaging facility in Australia which annually produces a variety of teas for consumers and companies. These two specialty areas of diverse tea blending and production experiences combined in the course will provide practical and unique insight into creating and producing tea blends for the market.

The three-day intensive workshop is focused heavily on hands-on learning. Students will learn to blend with different types of tea and a variety of ingredients includes herbs, fruits, flowers, spices. They will also create a variety of botanical and wellness formulations. Students will study the art of using natural flavours and decorative ingredients and will be able to develop market ready blends.

During your blending training, you will learn to create professional tea and wellness blends based on both traditional formulas, the latest flavoured blends and current market trends, achieving results based on the technical criteria acquired during the workshop. Registrants completing the training will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


  • BC01 – History of Tea Blending
  • BC02 – Traditional Tea Blends
  • BC03 – Cultural Tea Blends
  • BC04 – Botanicals
  • BC05 – Health Benefits of Blended Teas and Tisanes
  • BC06 – Tea Blending Ingredients
  • BC07 – Scented Teas
  • BC08 – Aromatised Teas
  • BC09 – Blending Techniques and Equipment
  • BC10 – Blending Environment
  • BC11 – Blending Ratios
  • BC12 – Market Trends
  • BC13 – Tea Blending Innovations
  • BC14 – Costing and Evaluating Blends


This course is ideally suited to restaurants and tea business owners and managers. This extends also to wine sommeliers, chefs, caterers, cocktail mixologists, industry suppliers, and any others who wish to incorporate tea blending into their daily lives or current profession.

Tuition for the Certified Tea Blending Course is valued at $1,950. A $250 deposit is required to register for the course. To apply this deposit, please use the coupon code TEABLENDAUS-DEPOSIT in the checkout.

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