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To raise the standards of professional tea service in food and beverage establishments, Australian Tea Masters aiming to educate and train food and beverage professionals in the art of specialty tea service.

The Tea Sommelier course, seeks to equip food and beverages professionals such as coffee baristas, cafe owners, beverage managers and wine sommeliers with the additional skills to work effectively as tea connoisseurs – providing advice, selection, preparation and service of speciality tea.

The course will be delivered over a 2-day face-to-face workshop, supported with online learning activities.


Tea 101

The History and Origin of Tea

Learn about China – the land where tea originated – and follow tea’s path through history as it spread throughout southeast Asia and eventually to Europe and the rest of the world. Here we will cover the origin tales of tea, including those that are considered more credible and those that are more mystical in nature. You will also discover how tea has shaped different societies around the world throughout the centuries.

Tea 102

Tea Growing Regions of the World

Learn about the world’s most famous growing regions, including China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Nepal. Each country has its own unique style and terroir, leading to the hundreds of different and beautiful teas we see produced today.

Tea 103

Correct Tasting Terminology and Tea Cupping

Discover the correct ways to describe tea when conducting a professional tasting session, as well as how to properly cup the tea. This is a vital ability in your career as a Tea Sommelier, and will determine how well you are able to describe teas to your customers. 

Tea 104

Types of Tea and Grading Tea

Understand the six different types of tea, as well as herbal tisanes. Discover what makes a green tea green and a black tea black, all the while learning about the different grades that can be given to these teas depending on their type, and often their country of origin as well.

Tea 105

The Processing and Manufacturing of Tea

Know the specifics about how teas are manufactured and produced, and even learn a few techniques to create your own basic green tea from scratch! This unit contains vital information about the chemicals found naturally within tea and how they are altered and fashioned into the beautiful leaves we place into our cups.

Tea 106

Tea Service and Preparation

Here we teach you to follow best practices when it comes to actually serving tea to consumers, including how best to steep it and how to elegantly present it to the customer. You will also learn superior customer service skills, which will help you to deal with customers of all natures while maintaining a professional attitude and approach.

Tea 107

Tea and Food Pairing

This unit will prime you to pair up tea and food in pleasing and harmonious ways, offering your customers the best taste experience with their chosen tea and meal. Learn about which types of tea tend to pair well with which foods, as well as specific flavour that are poised to be placed together.

Tea 108

Tea Menu Development, and Purchasing and Storing Tea

Develop your own perfect tea menu, providing a wide variety of teas that compliment and contrast each other. This unit will also teach you how best to purchase your tea (sourcing high quality teas for the best prices) and effectively store it to get the longest shelf life.


The course is $1980.00 inc GST.

The course fees will include 20 teas from around the world, as well as our own Tea Sommelier Handbook. Each student will also receive a professional cupping set and a variety of high-quality tea tools.


This course is available by appointment only; the course can be held face-to-face or via zoom if you cannot travel to our training centre located in Geelong, Australia. Please contact us at to find out more.

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