CASSIA | ROUGUI | 肉桂 250g


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A rare Wuyi oolong that can provide flavour even up to seven steeps. First created in the midst of the Qing Dynasty, this tea has two similar processing methods, one which produces the richer aromas of old and another which caters towards more modern consumers, who are interested in bringing out the fruity aroma.

Steep for 2 minutes at 90C.

一种罕见的武夷乌龙,可以提供甚至七个陡峭的风味。 这种茶首先在清代创造,有两种类似的加工方式,一种能够吸引更多现代消费者的老年人和另一种的香气,这些味道有意带出果香的香气。

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Weight .25 kg

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