Longevity Eyebrow | Shoumei | 寿眉 250g


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The dry leaf shows a darker colour than comparable white teas, as it is produced from naturally withered leaves and tips. It is o en made from the leaves leftover after Bai Mudan is processed a little later in the year, and uses the Da Bai cultivar. Its strong flavour reminds many people of oolong teas, rather than whites.

干燥的叶子表现出比可比白茶更深的颜色,因为它是由天然枯萎的叶子和尖端产生的。 白牡丹在本年稍后处理后,由叶叶残留而成,并使用大白品种。 其强烈的味道提醒许多人乌龙茶,而不是白人。

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Weight .25 kg

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