QIMEN | KEEMUN | 祁门红茶 250g


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Renowned for its aromatic fragrance, mellow flavour, and beautiful aesthetic, Keemun produces a brilliant red liquor. Considered a delicacy in the British market. It comes in different grades but all give a rich coppery brew with a sweet oral aroma. Satisfyingly rich, with mineral flinty sparks and a smoky aroma.

Location – China. Steep for 3 – 5 minutes at 100C.

以其芳香的香味,醇厚的味道和美丽的美学闻名,祁门红茶生产出辉煌的红酒。 被认为是英国市场的美味。 它有不同的成绩,但都能给人以浓浓的铜质酿造,口感甜美。 满意的丰富,矿物质的火花和烟熏的香气。

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