SENCHA | 煎茶 250g


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Product Description

Sencha is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency, and flowery-green aroma. Its quality varies depending on the time and area of harvest, as well as leaf processing technique. The highest quality sencha is considered to be ichiban cha, literally first tea, the first flush picked during the early spring harvests. Sencha can be located in different locations, however this Sencha is from Japan.

Steep for 3 minutes at 90C.

“Sencha”因其甜美的甜味,温和的涩味和华丽的绿色香气而闻名。 其质量取决于收获的时间和面积,以及叶子处理技术。 最高质量的sencha被认为是“ichiban cha”,字面上是“第一茶”,在春季早期收获的第一次冲洗。

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Weight .25 kg

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