Silver Needle | Baihao Yinzhen | 白毫银针 250g


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One of the most prized forms of white tea, Baihao Yinzhen is made only with the delicate leaf shoots of the Da Bai (Big White) cultivar of c. sinensis. It has a light and delicate taste and a long brew time to bring out the delicate silver needle flavours. This tea is sourced from the Fuijan province in China.

Steep for 3 minutes at 85C.

白毫银针是白茶最珍贵的形式之一,只有中华山茶的大白(大白)栽培品种的叶片细嫩。 它具有淡淡细腻的味道和长时间的酿造时间,带出精致的银针口味。

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Weight .25 kg

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