White Peony | Bai Mudan | 白牡丹 250g


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A stronger tasting white tea which is prized by those who prefer more flavour than Baihao Yinzhen (Silver Needle) tea. To create the tea, two young leaves are plucked for every leaf shoot contained in the batch. is is what gives it its more mature, robust flavour. Its liquor is pale.



更有品味的白茶,比那些喜欢比白毫银银茶更香味的人所珍惜。 为了创造茶叶,每批叶中所含的每片叶子都会采摘两棵幼叶。 是什么使它更成熟,强大的味道。 它的酒是苍白的。

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Weight .25 kg

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