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A Way of Life

You may have heard the words Cha Dao, or the way of tea.

This is an interesting concept that began long before the Western world awoke to tea.

It is more than the art or practice of tea, but rather, making tea a central element in your life.

This ritualistic slow living practice emerged from the philosophy of honouring one’s life and time with respect, gratitude and fulfilment.

All things must be in balance to enable true harmony. Time is taken to reflect on life and its beauty and simplicity when one’s mind is calming over a hot tea.

Even the word ‘cha’, which translates roughly to ‘tea’, has a deeper meaning. Some believe that cha translates to “the plant that gives humans a sense of being rooted or balanced”.

The way of tea is when one lives with natural flow and balance.

Each time you make and enjoy the ritual of tea, think about you, your life and your natural path and energy. This, put simply, is the way of tea.

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