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Coffee or Tea: Why Not Both?

Coffee or Tea: Why Not Both?

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Millions of people each day enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or tea. Or both. Many have a hard time deciding whether to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Both taste amazing, both have health benefits, and both can deliver a good dose of caffeine. Some drink coffee in the morning and tea at night or throughout the day. Whatever variation you choose know that these drinks have been around for hundreds of years and for good reason.

Terrific Tea

Tea is a drink that is used and enjoyed in various cultures all around the globe. It has antioxidants, can ease pain, can help you sleep, or deliver your daily caffeine intake. Tea is an excellent choice for people who want some caffeine but can’t stomach coffee because it is too harsh on their systems. Tea can also strengthen your immune system and may also help with digestive problems. It can be enjoyed either hot or cold and is sold in many restaurants, coffee houses, and supermarkets worldwide.

Loose-leaf or Tea Bags?

One of the major arguments in the tea world is that of loose leaf tea compared to tea bags. It is said that loose leaf has higher health benefits because the components are not broken down. It also has less environmental impact, because tea bags need to biodegrade.

Tea bags can be found in a huge variety of choices, usually at any grocery store or supermarket. Loose-leaf teas are harder to find. Some retail chains and online stores carry loose-leaf tea, but you won’t find much in generic and basic grocery stores. Generally tea is an inexpensive drink, and high-quality tea can be regularly purchased and enjoyed.

Captivating Coffee

Coffee and tea lovers can rejoice because both are widely known and enjoyed drinks that have impressive health benefits. Coffee not only delivers a higher dose of caffeine for those who need a good kick-start in the mornings, but it has also been known to help reduce the risk of specific disease. It also delivers many antioxidants to our system.

Diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are a few of the diseases that coffee has been researched to aid with. Having a few cups every day can be good for your health.

Regarding the Roast

Coffee comes in many different roasts, styles, blends, flavors, and much more. Like tea, a good variety of choices are presented to the consumer, and who doesn’t like options? If you’re regarding levels of caffeine, the roast colour could make a difference. Many people are under the impression that the lighter the roast, the less caffeine it has.

This is actually misleading. The darker roasts mean that the beans have been processed more so than the lighter roasts, which leaves less caffeine in them. So, if you want more or less caffeine in your delicious cup of coffee, pay attention to the roasts you are considering.

The Best Choice

Organic brands, blends of coffee and tea, as well as loose-leaf teas have more flavor and health benefits for you. These types generally have less tampering, meaning fewer chemical treatments and are grown and cared for naturally.

This could also mean fewer insecticides, organic, wholesome soil, filtered water, and many other aspects. Both tea and coffee are amazing tasting and amazing for you. Try an organic brand or loose-leaf tea and enjoy a robust flavor you’ll love.

So, tea or coffee? Well, why not both? There’s no reason for you not to enjoy both of these drinks that we look forward to every day. There are so many choices and different varieties between these two that you’ll never get bored trying out something new and delicious.


Author Bio

Sarah wakes up every morning excited to have her first cup of coffee because she knows it’s good for the mind and body. She started We Dream of Coffee to help people understand why this drink has so many variations and why it is so in demand.

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