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Late Budding Abundance



Alternate Names:None
Name Translation:Oku【奥・おく】
Noun. Depths (of a forest), bottom (of one’s heart), recesses, heart. Note: “Oku” is typically used to simply represent late-budding cultivars, regardless of its meaning.
Noun. Abundant, plentiful, rich.
Name Explanation:
Named for its ability to produce fragrant tea in late life, with an abundant production of new leaves.
Date of Registration:26-05-1983 FCC
1983 SSLRC
Parent Plants:Yutakamidori ♀ x F1NN8 ♂ (Tamamidori ♀ x S6 ♂)
Tea Industry Experiment Station

Cultivar Information

More information about this cultivar will be added soon.

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