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Dreamy Aroma



Alternate Names:None
Name Translation:Yume【夢・ゆめ】
Noun. Dream.
Noun. Aroma, fragrance, smell.
Name Explanation:
Named for being a “dream-like” cultivar that can reduce the amount of pesticides used due to being resistant to scale insects, and also because it produces a lovely floral scent.
Date of Registration:04-10-2006 FCC
2009 SSLRC
Parent Plants:Sayamakaori ♀ x Miyazaki No. 8 ♂
Cultivator:宮崎県総合農業試験場 茶業支場 育種科
Miyazaki Prefecture Agricultural Experiment Station – Tea Industry Branch, Breeding Department

Cultivar Information

More information about this cultivar will be added soon.

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