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Storing Before Steeping

Storing Before Steeping

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Storing tea is a very simple, yet very important, part of the tea’s journey from plantation to the people who are drinking it.

Leaf tea should always be kept in an airtight, cool, dark spot.

It should also be kept away from odours as it picks up strong smells, which can contaminate its delicate flavours.

Keeping tea in direct sunlight is a big no-no.

A tea canister kept in a cupboard is your best bet for safe home storage.

Black teas and highly oxidised oolong teas should be used within a year of purchase.

Less oxidised oolongs, white teas and green teas should be used within six months of purchase.

Puerh tea will keep for many years.

These are rough guides and are based on the assumption that the tea you have purchased is from that year’s yield.

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