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Tea Terminology

Tea Terminology

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In the world of tea there are many different words and interesting terminology.

If you intend on pursuing tea as an interest or a profession then learning the basic terms will set you on your way.

Agony of the leaves: This is a term used to describe the unfurling of the leaves after boiling water has been added to the vessel holding the tea.

A more romantic expression is “ecstasy of the leaves”.

Body: Body is used to describe the fullness and strength of a liquor. If the liquor is described as thin then it has little body and is somewhat watery.

Coarse: Coarse is used to describe the tea liquor when it has unfavourable characteristics. It is also used to describe the metallic, unpleasant taste which can come from irregular firing.

Dull: Dull is used to describe liquor which is not clear and bright in colour.

Earthy: Earthy is used to describe the liquor from tea that has been stored in damp conditions. It can be found in aged teas that have not been fermented properly.

Full: Full-bodied is strong flavoured tea where the liquor is not bitter and has good colour and substance.

Tell us:

What tea terms do you know and what do they describe?

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