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The Art of Gong Fu Cha

The Art of Gong Fu Cha

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Gong fu is a skilful Chinese tea ceremony.

It is labour intensive and the act of devoted tea aficionados, designed to provide the peak appreciation of tea.

Gong fu cha started in Guangdong Province, China, which is nearby the Fujian Province.

The practice is designed for leafy oolong teas and is to highlight the flavours and life of the brew.

A gong fu specialist uses a Yixing clay teapot and divides the tea into small clay cups.

Multiple infusions allow the drinkers to enjoy the oolong through all its steeping phases – sometimes up to 30 steeps!

An elegantly carved wooden tea washing table and utensils are used during the ceremony.

All of the senses are engaged during gong fu.

The person conducting the ceremony allows the guests to see and smell the dried tea leaf and the wet leaf.

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