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Worth its Weight

Worth its Weight

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You can get very high quality tea for a fraction of the price of other drinks.

This is one reason why specialty tea is on the rise.

Sure, you can buy standard tea bags that are cheap as chips. But a good quality leaf tea isn’t that much more expensive – and is far more flavoursome.

Just like buying wine in a restaurant or bar, you might pay $7 for a glass, when you can get the bottle for $18 and drink it at home.

Well, the same goes with tea – but on a much more pocket-friendly scale.

You might pay $3.50-$4 for a pot of tea at a cafe or restaurant, but you can make a pot at home for 20-30 cents.

Even the most luxurious and rare teas will only cost you about 30-40 cents a cup.

Imagining all the hand-picked tea leaves that are carefully plucked and processed to make the tea, that is quite a bargain.

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