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Biodegradable SOILON Teabags: Now available to Wholesale Clients at Australian Tea Masters

This article was originally published as part of a larger World Tea News article; the article in full is available at:

In response to the recent concerns circulating regarding the leachate contamination by microplastics being released by tea bags during the steeping process, Australian Tea Masters, a conscientious tea blending and distribution company founded in 2011 have felt compelled to address the issue and explain how we have avoided this problem since we started bagging our loose teas.


As a professional tea educator and business owner, I aim to source the highest quality tea products and implement stringent quality controls in our factory. When we began looking into bagging teas, we were extremely careful about the materials we selected.


Our company spent months doing extensive research into the tea bag materials being used around the world and were aware of the issues around contamination. We discovered that nylon or polyethylene terephthalate bags which are petroleum based, non-biodegradable plastics were releasing concerning amounts of microparticles and nanoparticles into tea when brewed in water at higher temperatures.


As result of our findings, we managed to source a safe product and solution to the contamination problem. Yamanaka Industry Co, Ltd has created a material called Soilon™. It is composed of bio-based, non-oil based biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) derived from plants. We have been using his product for our all our tea bags since we began bagging tea. We believe this type of fabric should be the industry standard.


The current concerns circulating regarding contamination are not only a concern to the general population and the tea industry but to our company.  We are concerned that there is an increasing assumption that all tea bags with a similar appearance to the Nylon bags are made of the same material when in fact companies like Australian Tea Masters are spending the time and resources to research and deliver a more health conscious and environmentally friendly solution.


We also taken the time and effort to have our factory HACCP, export approved, Halal, Kosher and organic certified so having the safest and best tea bag material is of the utmost importance.


Interested in learning more about how Australian Tea Masters can pack your wholesale tea into biodegradable teabags? Contact us at to find out more!


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