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From Seed to Cup of Phoenix Oolong Tea, -Let’s Meet An Extraordinary Tea Tour In Chaozhou

From Seed to Cup of Phoenix Oolong Tea,

Lets Meet An Extraordinary Tea Tour In Chaozhou

Chaozhou is not only the origin of Phoenix Oolong Tea , but also the birthplace of Chinese Oolong tea. It is also the tribute tea base of song dynasties. With a long history of tea cultivation and production, it occupies a very important position in the development history of tea industry and has made outstanding contributions to the enrichment and development of tea science.

Tea Tour Highlights:

Personally experience the whole process of tea picking, making, and brewing,etc.

Study Systematically Phoenix Oolong Tea Culture.

Tea Certificate issued by Chaozhou Tea Enterprise Alliance.

Learn hand-drawn pot making and visit the Chaozhou local places of interest.

Enjoy the Chaozhou’s local specialties and snacks.


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