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Wenshan Baozhong (Pouchong)

Wenshan Baozhong (Pouchong)

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Grown since the eighteenth century, Wen Shan Pouchong is sometimes also known as Wen Shan Baozhong, or Man Saan Baau Zung (in Cantonese). This tea sourced from Taiwan, is incredibly light and quite reminiscent of a green tea when steeped and drunk. It has a light pale liquor.
Oolong Tea
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About Oolong Tea

“Oolong teas are partially oxidised teas, which range in oxidisation from a pale green coloured oolong (light oxidization) to a darker brown coloured oolong (roasted style). Oolongs can be found in a ball shape or a twisted leaf, or open leaf, and they can also be baked. It is one of the most complex of tea categories as far as the amount of varying flavours is concerned. Due to the large number of oolongs available, they are an interesting category to create blends from. The tastes can vary—vegetal, fruity, chocolatey, nutty, for example.”

Oolong has two main types ball rolled and light oxidization and strip style and darker oxidisation. The ball rolled type has predominantly light green tea notes spilling over with floral and vegetal flavours. The darker strip style oolong has characteristics of chocolate and toasty notes, both worth the experience.

More About this tea:

Formerly known as Formosa, Taiwan is primarily known for its superb oolong teas, including pouchongs, which could be classified as green teas because they are so lightly oxidised. Tea regions within Taiwan are associated with mountains. In fact, “shan”, which appears in many of the regions’ names, means “mountain” or “mountain range”. Each region is known for its different teas.

Flavour Profile of this tea:

Taiwanese oolong with light flavour and pale liquor; reminiscent of a green tea when steeped and drunk

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