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Woojeon | Before Rain

Woojeon | Before Rain

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Woojeon is one of the most famed teas of Korea. The leaves are taken from the tea bush before the tropical monsoon season begins, and has drawn comparisons to Japanese tamaryokucha. Woojeon is a real treat for anyone looking to expand their tasting horizons to Korea, a beautiful tea impossible not to appreciate.
Green Tea
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About Green Tea

Green tea is grown in many countries around the world. Green tea has minimal oxidization and is either steamed or panned after withering the leaf. It is then processed to retain the maximum flavour of the leaf and is abundant health benefits unique to this category. Like fine wine, the terroir of the different countries is evident in the flavour profile.

Green teas are the most commonly consumed teas in Asia. The leaves are either steamed or heated in a pan to stop the enzymes from beginning to oxidise. There are many different types of green tea depending on what country they are from and which tea bush it is (i.e. which variety of Camellia sinensis).

It is important to taste the green tea first when using it for blending as some green teas can be very vegetal or grassy and have quite strong umami (savoury) notes. Many famous green teas, which are often handmade, are too expensive to blend with, so it is important to do your research to find a well-balanced, cost-effective green tea for creating your blend.

Origin of this tea: Korea

More About this tea:

A true tea revolution occurred in the Goryeo Period(918CE-1392CE) with the introduction of Buddhism as the most central religion of the country. Along with the encouragement to observe various Buddhist events on the calendar. many other Buddhist habits spread into Korea’s culture. One of these inevitabilities was the tranquillity of drinking tea. The largest tea growing area in Korea is Boseong. Green tea is predominantly produced throughout Korea with smaller quantities of black and fermented tea being produced. Hadong and Jeju Island also produce teas and many of the teas produced in South Korea are produced by small farmers. Artisan green teas from South Korea are currently gaining a following in the US specialty market.

Flavour Profile of this tea:

Stunning high-quality Korean green tea with marine and vegetal aroma

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