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Certified Tea Blending Course | Australia | 2023


Tea Blending Course

Certified Tea Blending Course

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Most Complete Tea Blending Course

Learn from directly from Australia’s most experienced and qualifed tea professional

Discover trends of 2022 to stay ahead of the curve

Build your brand is by ensuring that the tea you purchase is of the highest quality.

Become a Certifield Tea Blender

Gain recoginition in your industry as a Certifield Tea Blender

The World's Most
Comprehensive Tea Blending Course

Gain recognition in your industry & brand as a certified tea Blender

As a certified tea blender, one of the best ways to gain recognition in your industry and build your brand is by ensuring that the tea you purchase is of the highest quality.

Gain an edge over your competitors & Industry

Gain a competitive edge, learn industry secrets to help your business grow

This comprehensive course will teach you everything from tea history and origins to brewing techniques and flavor profiles. You’ll also learn about the different types of tea available on the market and how to select the best quality leaves.

What you’ll learn


The Australian Tea Masters Certified Tea Blending Course will focus on the secrets and mysteries of tea blending, along with the professional techniques required for developing both traditional blends and signature formulas. Sharyn Johnston, world renowned tea Industry leader and blending professional will teach this course.

Sharyn Johnston has also worked with an impressive portfolio of international companies as a leading tea consultant to develop their own unique range of tea and wellness blends. Australian Tea Masters has own export, food grade, tea blending and packaging facility in Australia which annually produces a variety of teas for consumers and companies.

These two specialty areas of diverse tea blending and production experiences combined in the course will provide practical and unique insight into creating and producing tea blends for the market.

Two Day Intensive workshop

The two-day intensive workshop is focused heavily on hands-on learning. Students will learn to blend with different types of tea and a variety of ingredients including herbs, fruits, flowers, spices. They will also create a variety of botanical and wellness formulations. Students will study the art of using natural flavours and decorative ingredients and will be able to develop market ready blends.

Create Professional Tea Blends

During your blending training, you will learn to create professional tea and wellness blends based on both traditional formulas, the latest flavoured blends and current market trends, achieving results based on the technical criteria acquired during the workshop. Registrants completing the training will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Course Modules

Before we begin to make our own blends, we will first journey through the history of tea. In this module we provide you with a snapshot of tea history, following its journey through China, Japan, Europe, and Britain. We also examine the popularity of tea, its historical medicinal uses, English tea service, the tea merchant trade, the appearance of tea connoisseurs, and tea as it is enjoyed today.

Grading is a crucial skill for all blenders. We will begin by examining the techniques typically utilised to create the different grades of tea, and then will study how grading is properly conducted. This includes how the leaves are checked, both in class as beginners, and industrially by experts.

This module is designed to impart the skills necessary to evaluate both individual and combined ingredients. This includes any ingredients you may be utilising for one of your blends, or the definition of aromas and flavours found within a mystery blend. We achieve this through the training of the senses, including sight, smell, and taste.

In this module you will undergo your first sensory training exercises with the aid of the Tea Flavour Wheel, which will help you to identify the different aromas and flavours found in tea.

Learn how to perform a visual analysis on any given tea or ingredient, and then make your very first custom blend. This is a hands-on module in which you will be creating a breakfast-style tea and familiarising yourself with the blending process.

Module Content

Follow tea as it travelled the world, and discover the countries who made it their own with the addition of special ingredients. This module particularly focuses on how tea blending evolved in Russia, Europe, and China, and the types of infusions that were popular among their peoples. These traditional blends became important cultural icons, and in some cases remain popular to this day.

Cultural blending involves the creation of blends that have been influenced by the principles of culturally important beliefs and practices from around the world. This module serves as an introduction to some of these beliefs and practices, and challenges you to perform a basic blend deconstruction. This is designed to sharpen your skills in harmonious blend creation and ingredient identification.

This module explores the ancient Indian and Nepalese cultural practice of Ayurveda, and will teach you to blend using Ayurvedic principles. This is achieved through a thorough examination of the goals and theory of Ayurveda, and understanding its relationship with nature and the environment.

The module concludes with a hands-on exercise in which you will utilise your knowledge of Ayurveda to create your own Ayurvedic blend.

In this module we examine the principles of energetic tea blending, an ancient Chinese cultural practice based on the principles of Cha Dao. We cover a breadth of material, including the concepts of chi energy, yin and yang, the philosophy of nature, and Materia Medica, and how these concepts ultimately relate to taste, flavour, and function.

Throughout the module you will partake in a number of exercises based on different energetic blending principles, creating a variety of stylistically unique blends.

Describe how flavoured blends are created.

This module covers the ideal setup for your blending room to maintain a high standard of efficiency and cleanliness. This includes the tools required and the best way to make use of the available space, as well as an overview of the appearance and functions of any of the machinery you may require. This will help you to create the best environment possible for blend development.

Module Content

This module introduces some of the most common and useful blending ingredients in the market, rated for their exceptional qualities and taste. Each ingredient is explored in depth with in-class samples, broadening your ingredient knowledge base and deepening your understanding of what’s possible in a blend.

The module concludes with an exciting blending exercise that will test your skills with the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course and your ability to blend with these new ingredients.

At the conclusion of in-person training, you will be tasked with the creation of your own range of 6 unique market-ready blends.

You must construct the range individually (not as a group), however you will have the benefit of full assistance and professional advice available from Australian Tea Masters via correspondence as you perfect your formulas.

Our goal is to see each of the blends of our students flourish. The blends you submit will be wholly owned by you and we welcome you to distribute and sell them as a part of your business endeavours at the conclusion of the course.

Upon acceptance of your finished final project, you will have completed the course, and we will proudly present you with your Certified Tea Blender certificate.

Start exploring

View our activies and sensory exercises during the 2 day onsite classes

More Activities

In this activity you will be taught to undertake the nuanced task of black tea grading. To do this, you will be presented with a variety of different grades of black tea and asked to identify them based on their appearance. We will then examine each tea individually and explain how and why it belongs in a particular grade.

The ability to identify tea grades is an invaluable skill for detecting tea of the incorrect quality before it is incorporated into a blend. This can prevent a number of critical problems, including cost blowout, the unnecessary discarding of stock, and a reduction in the quality of your blend.

Professional tasting is a basic skill necessary for the construction of high quality blends. Although prior students of the Certified Tea Mastery Course will already be familiar with “cupping” a tea or herbal infusion, this activity is conducted for the benefit of students who may have fine food, wine, or coffee experience, but less of a background in tea.

The activity involves learning the basics of visual, aroma, and flavour analysis, evaluating not just the finished liquor, but also the dry and wet leaf of the ingredients. The process will teach you to cup consistently so that additional variables do not interfere with your successive blending recipes, and will also help you to develop your palate appropriately for blending.

As well as training your abilities in flavour and taste, we also take care to train your sense of smell using especially formulated aroma training sample bottles. This activity challenges you and your classmates to broaden your olfactory senses by identifying mystery smells without the benefit of the use of sight.

The activity is conducted with specialised aroma training kits. We believe it is an especially important exercise for blending students, as aroma is a crucial part of developing a blend.

Blending exercises are the most important part of the Certified Tea Blending course. Experience the benefit of more than a dozen hands-on blending activities throughout the in-person training section of the course, while creating a broad range of flavoursome, cultural, and functional blend types.

Throughout the course, you will take part in the creation of breakfast blends, afternoon blends, cultural blends, ayurvedic blends, yin and yang blends, energetic flavour blends, warming and cooling blends, and even flavoured blends. Each exercise is designed to spark your creativity and you will have access to an incredibly wide range of top-quality blending ingredients.

The creation of each of your blends will be supervised by our resident master tea blender and CEO, Sharyn Johnston, providing you with expert guidance and advice.

Course Duration

The Certified Tea Master Course comprises of small classes over two days intensive training, followed by a structured 14-week online training program using zoom.

You’ll learn how to taste tea, blend teas, and even make your own signature blends.

Day 1 Course Content
The History of Tea
The Plant
Chemical Composition
The Mechanics of Taste
Types of Tea
Leaf Manufacture Methods
Tea Producing Countries
Tea Production
White Tea
Yellow Tea
Green Tea
Tea Grading
Blending Tea
Kenyan Tea
Storing Tea

* Course contents subject to change.

Learn the business side of tea, start your own teahouse or sell your delicious creations online.

Day 2

Japanese Teas

Oolong Tea

Brewing Tea

Serving with a Gaiwan

Yixing Teapots


The History and Mystery of Puerh


Aroma Identification


Business Skills

Malaysia: Teh Tarik


* Course contents subject to change.

Whats Included

The course also includes all learning material and over 60 specialty teas, as well as professional tools required.

Worth $400

Tea Blending Box

This comprehensive kit includes a wide range of blending bases, dried flowers, herbs, fruits, and spices to help you create unique and flavorful tea blends with ease.

Tea Blending Box

Blending Bases:

  • White tea
  • Green tea
  • Black tea OP1
  • Black tea fannings
  • Oolong
  • Rooibos
  • Assam FBOP
  • Kenyan Black Tea FBOP
  • Sri Lankan FBOP

Dried Flowers:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Cornflowers
  • Safflower
  • Calendula

Dried Herbs:

  • Chamomile
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass
  • Spearmint
  • Licorice root

Blending Fruits:

  • Cacao nibs
  • Dried orange
  • Coconut flakes
  • Dried lemon peel

Dried Fruits:

  • Rosehips
  • Hibiscus
  • Apricot
  • Currants
  • Papaya
  • Apple

Dried Spices:

  • Cinnamon
  • Fennel
  • Ginger
  • Star anise
  • Cloves
  • Nutmeg
  • Bay leaves
  • Peppercorns

Use these ingredients to create your own unique tea blends with different flavor combinations. Experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect balance of flavors. And don't forget to store your blends properly in an airtight container to maintain their freshness and flavor. With the Australian Tea Masters Blending Box, you'll have everything you need to become a tea master and impress your friends and family with your delicious creations!

Worth $200

Professional Tea Tool Set

After the course, you will receive a Australian Tea Masters Cupping Set, Australian Tea Masters Nose cup set, A Gaiwan so that you can continue to taste tea like a professional.

Professional Tea Tool Set​
You will recieve a Australian Tea Masters Cupping Set, Australian Tea Masters Nose cup set, A Gaiwan
Worth $200

Tea Wheel, Training Materials & Tea Blending Ebook

Once you’ve completed our training course, you’ll receive our Tea Wheel Guide, Training Materials and Tea Blending Ebook. This will give you all the information you need to start creating your own blends right away.

Tea Wheel, Training Materials & Tea Blending Ebook​
Once you’ve completed our training course, you’ll receive our Tea Wheel Guide, Training Materials and Tea Blending Ebook. This will give you all the information you need to start creating your own blends right away.

Student Honours Board

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Meet Sharyn Johnston

Sharyn Johnston has been featured in

Sharyn has a long corporate career and has worked in over 20 different countries. She founded Australian Tea Masters in 2011 with a primary focus on education and consultancy and later launched Australian Tea Masters Wholesale and Blending in 2017.

Australian Tea Masters expanded internationally with the opening of the Singapore office in 2016 and the Indonesian office in 2018; the Korean office has recently opened in 2020.

Australian Tea Masters

Australian Tea Masters is the leading organisation for tea training and tea education in Australasia. Our mission is to create a vibrant global community of passionate individuals who share an understanding of the importance, diversity and enjoyment that comes from drinking loose-leaf teas. Through rigorous training courses, events and workshops we educate others about the artistry behind sourcing, preparing and enjoying high-quality loose-leaf teas from around the world.

With our aim to increase knowledge about and presence of tea in the Australasia region, we work with professionals within this industry as well as reaching out globally. By creating a strong network for international standards on educating those who are interested or need more information about teas here locally-we hope that by connecting all these educators together will be able create an unparalleled learning experience!

About the location

Getting There

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Course enrolments for all courses close approximately one week prior to the start of each course to allow us time to prepare all the materials for students.

Tea Sommelier is targeted towards professionals in the hospitality industry and will provide you with the skills to be able to talk about tea, serve it with knowledge and passion and tea and food pairing, where specific teas are chosen to complement different foods.

Tea Mastery is targeted towards business owners who want to understand the world of specialty tea and to be able to “cup” teas and to be able to describe the characteristics of different teas.

Tea Mastery is a more advanced qualification than Tea Sommelier; it covers similar content but at greater depth.

Tea Sommelier can be adapted and completed as a fully-online course; we can also offer group training in Tea Sommelier where students specialise in a particular type of tea (e.g. Chinese Tea specialisation).

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to run Tea Mastery as a fully-online course. The face-to-face training is required to provide students with a base level of knowledge including aroma & sensory evaluation training which is then reinforced and developed with the weekly assignments. Students have access to a wide variety of equipment and experiences from around the globe, as well as alternative brewing methods for tea during the face-to-face component of the course which are difficult to replicate in an online environment.

Mastery Level Training
Read More
The Australian Tea Masters Association provides mastery-level tea training, education, and professional tea certification to individuals who wish to become Certified Tea Masters. The organisation is respected as meeting superior education standards.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Australian Tea Masters




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